Adobe's CEO Refuses to Answer Questions

Feb 15, 2013

Simply put this is how not to treat your customers.

The Australian pricing for CS is completely unfair and they know it. Just hope Google, with the recent purchases of Nik Software and the various Kodak patents, can launch a real challenger to Photoshop and Lightroom. Adobe has been able to hang on for the last couple of decades mainly  because no one has really challenged them. Apple could have with Aperture, but they didn't push it enough, and they purchased their biggest competitor, Macromedia, back in 2005. Google could easily drop in a Photoshop competitor and take most of Adobe's income in the process. 

It is interesting given they beta tested Creative Cloud in Australia first. I wonder if this isn't an attempt to beta test a major price increase of CS and force people into Creative Cloud, so they can get the monthly payments and stablize their income.




CF10 and Tomcat

Mar 15, 2012

So the big deal for the next version of CF is that it will support Tomcat. Right? Guess again.

So I had a twitter conversation with the Adobe CF product manager, Hemant Khandelwai yesterday and he admitted that the version of Tomcat they are planning to ship with CF10 will be a modified version that they are handling themselves. If you were planning to run CF on top of a vanilla Apache Tomcat install, then it will break several things like certain CGI variables and SES Urls. They are apparently submitting their modifications to the Apache Tomcat group but it's not certain they will accept the changes or in time for the release of CF10.

Just giving people a heads up on this in case you ddin't know. Naturally, I'm not happy with this situation, but hopefully Apache will accept the mods in time. 

Flex Open Sourced

Nov 11, 2011

Just when things look to be calming down at Adobe, Deepa from the Flex SDK team just made a blog post which makes the following statement:

"we are planning to contribute the Flex SDK to an open source foundation in the same way we contributed PhoneGap to the Apache Foundation when we acquired Nitobi"

So it appears they may throw Flex to an open source foundation like PhoneGap. I wonder which one would even want it at this point given the very limited future of Flash technology. Even though several of us in the development community had asked for this, at this point, it feels a bit too little, too late. I suspect Flash Builder may get dropped soon as a result or at least moved into another product/direction.  They haven't said that yet, but it would make sense if the Flex framework was being put out to pasture.